CKF Systems has been awarded with ABB Value Provider status for the seventh year. The ABB Value Provider Program has been set up by ABB to guarantee that the services the customer receives from the ABB Value Providers matches up with the top quality of the ABB product range. Value Providers are fully trained, regularly audited and officially authorised to represent specified ABB products and services – in CKF’s case, Industrial Robots.

The fact that CKF are an ABB Value Provider means they have invested both time and resources to become knowledgeable on ABB products, tools and processes which will reassure their customers that they are in the perfect position to advise them on how the technology can be best utilised for their unique production requirements.

CKF’s customers can also be assured that as an authorised ABB value provider CKF have access to all of the latest ABB tools and resources which includes product updates, service notes and new products so they can address all of their most pressing and unique challenges in a knowledgeable and insightful way.

CKF Systems are a UK based systems integrator who have been operating successfully for over 30 years. Their extensive expertise and experience providing their customers with the best, most appropriate solution for their needs has been recognised by ABB robotics through this accreditation programme. CKF Systems have experience installing ABB robotics throughout various sectors including retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive and general manufacturing. CKF also has practical knowledge when it comes to installing the full ABB catalogue of technology which ranges from SafeMove2, heavy duty 4 axis robots such as ABB IRB 760 through to the smaller 4 axis robots such as ABB IRB 460 robots. For more complex projects CKF have integrate several 6 axis robots such as the ABB IRB 1100 and high speed pick and place robots utilising the vision tracking capabilities of ABB’s Pickmaster software. To see the full list of ABB Value Providers visit

For more information on how CKF Systems could address your production needs and super-power your operations visit or get in touch via Tel: +44 (0)1452 728753 /