Bulk Product Handling 

CKF provides systems to accommodate a wide range of bulk handling applications including powders, liquids, raw materials, fresh produce, confectionary, metal components, etc.

These systems can incorporate basic handling functions through to complete highspeed highvolume operations including features such as controlled deliveries, inline buffering, metered discharge, live storage monitoring and localised accumulation plus all associated controls with visual and audible displays.

A typical example of a completed bespoke installation is an automated bag filling system to receivhigh volumes of a very delicate confectionary item for measured loading into 600kg bags without imparting any form of damage to the product. A further issue with the customers established fill system was the irregular distribution of product within the bags that subsequently created a serious instability resulting in bags falling over. The systems designed and installed by CKF created a highly controlled delivery of product into the bag combined with a bag settling function that created fully loaded stable bags with no product damage, thereby removing the existing safety issues with an enhanced fill operation.

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