Special Purpose Applications 

To compliment the standard range of palletising, product and case conveyors, CKF also offers a series of special purpose systems to meet typical handling applications and to address more challenging bespoke requirements.

Typical examples of the special purposes systems include spiral elevators for controlled ascent or descent of goods within a restricted floor space; high-speed sortation systems for the distribution of goods from a single source to multiple outfeeds in a controlled manner; merging stations to combine multiple infeed’s to a reduced number of outfeeds, vibratory feeders to create controlled singulated feed(s) from a random supply of goods; turning conveyors to reorient products at high-speed; plus retract conveyors and luffing conveyors for product distribution.

Within the palletising applications, CKF also offers collation stations to create define product formats for presentation to the robot, gantry or layer palletiser; high-speed distribution systems for controlled product feed; plus, shuttle systems for delivery and removal of both loaded and empty pallets.

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