Sortation, Accumulation & Distribution

Integral to many of the systems supplied by CKF would be any combination of sortation, accumulation and distribution operations; where the company has developed both a wide range of experience and an inventory of highly effective solutions.

As an example, sortation systems can be based around an array of operations such as vibratory equipment to separate, orientate and align a bulk supply of product; or lane diverters to receive individual feeds and direct them to multiple out feeds at high speeds. These projects can also incorporate vision systems or strategically positioned sensors to monitor the relative flow and initiate corrective actions where required.

Accumulation systems are offered in multiple forms according to the type of product and objectives of the operation. In basic form this can be offered as a simple hopper and out feed or, in a more complex arrangement, with multiple accumulation stations and associated control systems.

Distribution can employ many forms of handling system to create a controlled distribution of products. These systems are designed to work with a whole array of product types and packaging formats.


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