Pallet Handling Conveyors

Standard Pallet Handling Conveyors

At CKF we design and manufacture our own standard range of pallet feed solutions developed over many years to accommodate the unique challenges presented when working within palletising systems and other automated environments.

All standard pallet handling conveyors are manufactured from 5mm thick mild steel, powder coated (RAL5010 – Gentian Blue), mounted on a painted mild steel support frame incorporating localised height adjustment.

Roller conveyor with legs

Pallet Roller Conveyor

The PRC range of conveyors comprise of Ø80 x 3mm wall mild steel, zinc plated rollers pitched every 150.8mm to ensure a smooth transfer of both EUR1 and EUR2 pallets narrow edge leading.

The conveyor can be mounted to a range of standard support legs offering low level, standard range (shown in table) or as a two tier configuration

Pallet Chain Conveyor

The PCC range conveyors can be offered in both a light duty (2 chains) or a heavy duty (3 chains) both utilising a 12 B-1 (3/4” pitch) carbon steel chain.

The pitch between chain strands have been set to ensure a smooth transfer of both EUR1 and EUR2 pallets broad edge leading.

The conveyor is mounted on a standard leg support offering a range of heights.

Chain conveyor with legs
Chain transfer

Pallet Chain Transfer

A chain transfer unit is employed when a pallet is required to turn 90° changing the direction of travel for the pallet from narrow edge leading to broad edge leading (or vice versa)

The construction is based on a standard PCC conveyor mounted to a standard PRC conveyor via a pneumatically operated conveyor lifting unit. When required, the lifting unit raises the chain conveyor above the top of the rollers to enable the pallet to feed off/ on at 90°.


Roller Turntable

A roller turntable unit is employed when a pallet is required to turn 90° maintaining the direction of travel for the pallet narrow edge leading

The construction is based on a standard PRC conveyor mounted to a heavy-duty slewing ring driven by an underslung gearmotor.

The Conveyor can be rotated 90°, both clockwise and anti-clockwise, or 180° for reorientation of pallet.

Pallet destacker

Automatic Pallet Destacker

The automatic pallet destacker has been developed over many years to provide a very robust trouble free automated delivery of empty pallets.

The design is based around a modular system allowing for both EUR1 and EUR2 pallets to be accommodated in both NEL and BEL orientations with a choice of infeed/ outfeed positions.

The design is based around a very robust framework fitted with heavy infeed guides to ensure an acceptable pallet stack to be loaded.

Lifting of the stack is accomplished by motor driven lift units fitted to two sides of the pallets, with pneumatically actuated fingers fitted to each unit to retain and release the stack on command.

Shuttle Car

Painted mild steel construction running along mild steel rails throughout the whole length of the robot cells. The shuttle car will also include the following features:
• Designed for high speed pallet exchange
• Industrial duty chassis built from CKF modular design
• Two tier PRC1100-10 conveyors fitted onto shuttle car
• Empty pallet delivery on lower tier
• Full pallet collection on upper tier
• Powder coated RAL 5010 Gentian Blue
• SEW drive motor/gearbox units (EFF1) on shuttle car
• Locally mounted sensors
• Complete with floor mounted encoder for accurate conveyor positioning
• Fitted with tracking guides (front and rear of car)
• Positioned within a fully guarded safety enclosure titted with interlocked doors for safe access.

Shuttle car for pallet handling conveyor system

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