Do you receive pallets that are too tall for your racking? Do you have to manually remove layers of product from your pallets? If so we have the solution.

  • Receive pallets of inbound product up to 2.5m tall – the donor pallet
  • Remove complete layers and place onto a new pallet until the inbound pallet is a suitable size for your racking
  • Release the donor pallet and retain the new pallet
  • Receive a further donor pallet, remove a complete layer and place onto the new pallet (until the new pallet is the desired height to be released)
  • Handle layer cards, placing them onto the new pallet
  • Wrap the new pallet and release to be stored by FLT
  • This system can also be used to build taller pallets from shorter incoming donor pallets – helping guarantee the maximum utilisation of your racking

Additionally, the cell is equipped with the following options:

  • Pallet alignment detection & correction using vision – for all pallets that arrive slightly skewed due to layer movement during transit
  • Pallet destacker to supply empty pallets into the system from a stack of up to 15 pallets
  • Localised air compressor – allowing the system to work in any location without the need for a mains compressed air supply

How will a pallet de-topper help your organisation?

  • By building taller pallets using a robot you can safely create pallets which utilise your vehicles to their maximum capacity
  • Robotic picking removes the manual handling risks of operators lifting product above head height
  • Better vehicle utilisation means less wasted space on the vehicle, less vehicle movements and reduced carbon footprint for your distribution network
  • By building pallets that fill the racking space to its maximum without wasted space you can increase the efficiency of your warehousing
  • Better pallet utilisation means less pallet movements within the distribution centre, reducing congestion, risks and labour requirements

If you are interested in this system or other solutions to help automate your processes, get in contact with us for a visit and consultation with one of our experienced team members.