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CKF are proud to be a Global AGV partner

CKF Systems are a partner of Global AGV, a leading supplier of Automated Guided Vehicles to the logistics industry. Global AGV have over thirty years industry experience and their technology is at the cutting edge of the AGV, AMR and mobile robot industry.

 Many of the systems installed by CKF auto-palletise, wrap and label pallets to be removed by operators using PPTs or FLTS which then require moving, at times, vast distances across a facility. This is very labour intensive and exposes operators to risk of injury from other moving plant equipment. Automatically Guided Vehicles remove the requirement of operators in high traffic areas and offer the opportunity to reallocate staff to key areas within a business.

Global AGV’s solutions fit seamlessly with CKF’s portfolio of strengths. Their solution is based on standard LINDE powered pallet handling equipment and can be installed as a completely standalone solution with the management software loaded onto the AGV rather than an external fleet management software. This allows the Global AGV to be integrated into the customer’s facility without the need for any expensive infrastructure changes or reflectors installed in strategic places. All the system requires is an I/O signal box which CKF will retrofit to existing equipment and a WIFI network for it to communicate with the individual I/O modules.

Our partnership with Global AGV means we can offer a seamless, integrated solution for all palletising needs, from automated conveying of products from containers, through barcode scanner tunnels with the ability to weigh, measure and profile cases, automatically communicating with your warehouse management system to book products in and determine destination for further handling. Once booked in, the CKF installed systems can automatically sort products, palletise them, wrap the pallet, label the pallet and now transport the pallet to a loading bay or putaway and retrieval system. This eliminates the need for multiple personnel carrying out repetitive high-risk tasks, needing only a few operators to oversee the operation.


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